24×48 Tile Installation

What’s The True Cost To Install 24×48 Porcelain Tile?

Great question and let’s get straight to the point. $6.00 per square foot if you are thinking on installing something like 24×48 porcelain tile, installation only. There are other factors to consider for example your project might require for carpet, tile, wood flooring or other type of flooring to be removed and yes it will increase the cost of your installation.

Confused? Let’s Build An Imaginary Estimate

We understand trying to find prices online for certain things take time and, in some cases, you’ll end up even more confused. We want to help; we want you to be able to build your own quote in our website so you can get all the answers you are looking for. So, let’s build an imaginary estimate base on a 1,000 square foot project. Will add all the services in order so we can get an estimated amount of what 1,000 square foot project could cost.

Let’s Start Your Quote

Let’s say your project is 1,000 square feet, you need 700 square feet of carpet to be remove, the cost to remove carpet and pad cost $.35 per square feet and you also need to remove 300 square feet of tile, the cost to remove tile is $2.50 per square feet.

After Removing Floors

After the existing floors have been remove will proceed to clean the slab and start applying the floor patch which has a cost of $45.00 per bag, we estimate one bag per every 100 square feet and is what we use to fill any low spots on your slab, so if your project is 1,000 feet will need to add 10 bags. Now in order to prevent tiles from cracking we highly recommend the use of RedGard as it prevents slab cracks to transfer on to your newly install tile floors and the cost for that is $1.00 per square feet including the actual product.

We Are Almost There

Alright so now that we don’t have to worry about your beautiful tiles cracking will proceed to install your 24×48 porcelain tile which has a cost to install of $6.00 per square foot and after the tile has been install will proceed to provide, install, caulk and paint the shoe molding, we estimate about 300 linear feet of shoe molding and the cost for that service is $2.75 per linear feet. Now, we put all the number below so you can see the order in which we added all the services and how we estimated how much your tile installation project will cost.

  1. Carpet And Pad Removal 700x$.35=$245.00
  2. Ceramic Tile Removal 300×2.50=$750.00
  3. Floor Patch Application 10x$45.00=$450.00
  4. RedGard Application 1,000x$1.00=$1,000
  5. 24×48 Tile Installation 1,000x$6.00=$6,000
  6. Shoe Molding Installation 300x$2.75=$825.00
  7. Trash Disposal Fees $350.00
  8. Total Labor Cost $9,620.00

Tile Installation

Tile installation is a specialized job that requires the right tools and skills. Large format tile is becoming increasingly popular, and Julian Flooring and More has the experience to get the job done right. We take pride in our workmanship and attention to detail, so you can rest assured that your tile installation will be beautiful and long-lasting. Contact us today to learn more about our tile installation services.

We recently had the opportunity to help another customer install 24×48 Caledonia Gold tiles from Floor And Decor. The customer was very pleased with the final results and so are we and it’s the reason I decided to blog about it, plus I think we have the best images of the product online so why not share them with you they might help you make the best decision when shopping for new tiles.

24x48 Caledonia Gold porcelain tile

When it comes to choosing the right tile for your home, Caledonia Gold is a great option. This polished porcelain tile is perfect for creating a luxurious and sophisticated look in any space. With its rich golden hue, Caledonia Gold can add a touch of elegance to any room.

Tile installation can be a great way to update the look of your home. Many of our customers always have that question. Should I have only one type of flooring throughout the entire home or just in the main traffic areas? Well, I’m here to tell you that one type of hard surface material should be install in the main traffic areas rather than carpet. if you have carpet in the main traffic areas, you’re always going to have a hard time trying to keep it clean. Wood, Laminate, Vinyl plank or tile floors are probably your best alternative.

This was a brand-new home that had carpet in the main living areas and vinyl plank in the Kitchen, Breakfast, Pantry, Utility room and Entryway. The home has 9ft ceilings on most of the rooms on first floor with the exception of the Foyer and Family room, the home has an open floor plan. The kitchen featured white cabinets with a large island that seats at least 4 people. There is white granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances.

Our client decided to carry the look of the Caledonia Gold throughout the downstairs including the Master closet. We used the same tile in all of these areas for a clean and cohesive look. This tile is a beautiful porcelain tile that looks like a Carrara marble. It’s classic yet modern and can be used in any space.

24x48 Caledonia Gold porcelain tile

What do you think so far, do like what you see? The stairs have solid stair treads with porcelain tile on the risers. The stair treads were already stained and seal and the stair risers were white. I think you’ll agree that having the risers with the same porcelain tile as the floors complement the stain color of the hand railing.

24x48 Caledonia Gold porcelain tile

Notice the LED lights? that was a last-minute decision, but we were able to squeeze it in our tight schedule. Now, you might be thinking who needs LED lights on a staircase? And I understand the lights are not a must have but there’s something about LED lights that just make a space feel more modern. Maybe it’s the cool, blue tint they emit or the fact that they use less energy than traditional lights. Whatever the reason, we are excited to have install the LED lights on the staircase for one of our customers.

The project turned out great and the customer was thrilled with the results. We even got a few compliments from passersby! And come on just look how beautiful the floors look. If you have time visit our YouTube channel to see the before and after and see, how we transform the look and feel of this home using 24×48 Caledonia Gold polished porcelain tile.

24x48 Caledonia Gold porcelain tile

There’s something about stairs with tile risers that just screams sophistication. Maybe it’s the clean lines and sleek look of the tile, or maybe it’s the fact that it looks like you took the time to match your floors and risers. Either way, I’m here to tell you that stairs with tile risers are definitely a thing- and they’re more popular that you might think.

24x48 Caledonia Gold porcelain tile

In fact, porcelain tile is one of the most popular materials for stair risers. And it’s not hard to see why. Porcelain tile is durable, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

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How Much Does A Project Like This Cost?

A great question, if you add everything up and divide it by 1,000 the price is about $9.60 per square foot.  Our price per square feet for 24×24 porcelain tile is currently at $4.00 per square foot.  Price for 24×48 tile installation is right HERE

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