Trash Disposal Services


$240.00 Per Every 500 Square Feet.


After any flooring removal or installation has been completed there will always be trash that needs to hauled away but don’t worry. We will haul off all trash related to flooring removal and installation of your project whether is wood flooring, ceramic tile, laminate floors or carpet.


  1. How do I know how much is going to cost me?


  1. Our rates are as followed: 500 square feet = $240.00 Add 1 to Cart
  2. 1,000 square feet = $480.00 Add 2 to Cart
  3. 1,500 square feet = $720.00 Add 3 to Cart
  4. 2,000 square feet =$960.00 Add 4 to Cart and so on.

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Disposing of trashDisposing of trashTrash Disposal Services
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