Stairs With Laminate Flooring


Per Step. How Many Steps Does Your Stair Have?

Will remove the existing carpet and pad on your stairs, clean and install your new laminate floors. You the customer provides all laminate flooring and stair nosing.


  1. Does this price apply if I want white risers
  2. What’s the cost of per step if I want white risers on stairs
  3. My stairs are curved does that affect the price


  1. No. The $55.00 price applies to straight up stairs only with laminate flooring on stair treads and risers.
  2. The cost to install laminate on stair treads with white risers is $85.00 per step.
  3. Yes. The price will be higher since the level of detail increases so does the price.

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stairs with laminate floorsstairs with laminate floorsStairs With Laminate Flooring
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