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Per Square Foot. How Many Square Feet Need To Be Coverd?

RedGard, we will provide and apply.


  1. Why do I need the RedGard application need this se
  2. Is these service required or can I still get my new tile install without having RedGard applied?


  1. RedGard is an antifracture membrane that helps reduce crack transmission on ceramic and porcelain floors, design for interior and exterior tile projects. RedGard application is highly recommended to obtain long lasting results on your new beautiful tile floors. It greatly reduces the chances of slab cracks to transfer into your newly installed floors.
  2. No. You don’t have to get this service if you don’t want to. Is recommended as it greatly reduces the chances of having crack tiles in the future. Our warranty does not cover crack tiles due to cracks on slab or house settling. House settling means there are chances of hairline cracks appearing after you move into a new home anywhere from 1-5 years after moving in so by taking this step you highly reduce the chances of dealing with floor repairs in the future.
RedGard application in a kitchen breakfast areaRedGard application in a kitchen breakfast areaRedGard Application Services
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