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Your car not strong enough to pick up 3,000lbs of flooring? Take advantage of our pickup and delivery services. We will take care of picking up your flooring from any store in town. Know that our enclose vehicles can carry heavy loads, up to 3,500lbs so we can pick up and deliver all your materials in a safe and secured way.


  1. Can you pick up flooring out of town
  2. Can you pick up furniture from stores and deliver
  3. How do charge.
  4. Do you take credit cards


  1. Yes, we can pick up flooring from out of town up to 3,500lbs. Contact us for out of town rates.
  2. Yes, we can pick up furniture, beds, sofas, appliances and anything else our vehicle can fit and carry in a safe manner. Contact us for rates and availability.
  3. We charge by the hour, our rate is $150.00 per hour in town, one person. Furniture might require 2 person. Contact us for rates.
  4. Yes we take credit cards

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