Laminate Flooring Installation


Per square foot. How Much Do You Need Installed?

We will install your new laminate flooring. You the customer provides all laminate flooring, trim pieces underlayment or 6MILL Plastic.


  1. Does this price include actual flooring
  2. Can I use the same floor on the stairs
  3. In what order should I put a quote together to get an accurate quote


  1. No, the price you see for this services is for installation of your underlayment, 6MILL plastic and the installation of your laminate floor.
  2. Yes, you can use the same laminate on your stairs. Don’t forget to order stair nosing if planning on doing stairs also.
  3. Select- Carpet or Tile Removal, Floor Prep, the type of floor you want to install, Shoe Molding Installation, Trash Disposal Services. Update square footage, amounts and or linear feet on Cart and you should have a very accurate quote.
  4. Like the numbers you see? Get in touch, we are one click away.

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laminate flooring install in a bedroomlaminate flooring install in a bedroomLaminate Flooring Installation
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