Floor Patch Product And Application


Per 25Lbs Bag. How Many Bags Do You Need?

Floor patch

Self-leveler is what its most known for, it’s a product that is used to fill any low spots on your slab or subfloor. For a beautiful end results on wood flooring, tile, laminate or large format tiles. Is what we use to repair your slab. We estimate one 25Lbs bag per every 50 square feet but that can be more or less depending on your slab or subfloor. In some cases, it can easily double.

Floor Patch Is Important

As a professional floor installer, I highly recommend the use of floor patch before installing any type of flooring. Floor patch is a type of underlayment that is applied to the subfloor before the installation of the actual flooring material. It is an essential step in the flooring installation process, as it helps ensure that your new floors will be smooth, level, and long-lasting.

In Conclusion

If you want your new flooring to look great and last for years to come, using floor patch is a must. As a professional floor installer, I always recommend this step to my clients, and I have seen firsthand the difference it can make in the overall quality and durability of the finished product. So, if you’re planning to install new flooring in your home, be sure to talk to your installer about using floor patch – it’s a small investment that can make a big difference!



  1. If my home is new, do you still need to apply floor patch.
  2. Do we need to apply if installing tiles?
  3. I’m getting vinyl plank installed does it need floor patch too.
  4. How do I know how much I need
  5. What is the name of the product you use?
  6. I only need someone to come and prep my slab, I’m planning on doing my own floors. Can we hire you guys for that?


  1. Yes, in our experience it doesn’t matter if the house is old or new. The only difference would be that both might require more or less.
  2. Yes, even if you are installing tile.
  3. Yes, if installing vinyl plank. There are instructions and specifications from all flooring manufactures that require a certain flatness on the slab. Failing to correct the flaws on the slab prior to installing any floor can lead to negative results and can possibly and end up casting you 2-3 times the cost if it would have been done right from the biggening.
  4. We estimate one 25lbs bag of floor patch per every 50 square foot so for example, you have a 1,000 square feet project select 20 and add to cart. Keep in mind this is just an estimate it all depends on how bad the slab is, could take more or less.
  5. We use Level Quick Rs from The Home Depot and Mapei Quick Patch products.
  6. Yes, absolutely you can hire us just to prep your floors. Different rate applies.

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