48×48 Tile Installation


Per square feet. How Many Square Feet Do You Need Installed?

48×48 Tile Installation

48x48 Porcelain porcelain tile installation

Comprehensive 48×48 Porcelain Tile Installation

Installing 48×48 porcelain tiles can transform your space with a sleek, modern look. At Julian Flooring, we specialize in 48×48 porcelain tile installation, ensuring high-quality results for your home or business. Here’s what you need to know about the costs, benefits, and process involved.

48x48 Tile installation

48×48 Porcelain Tile Installation Costs

Our installation rate for 48×48 porcelain tiles is $8.00 per square foot, covering labor only. This rate excludes additional costs such as thin-set, grout, and other materials. Services like old flooring removal and subfloor preparation are available separately and can significantly affect the total project cost. For more details, visit our Tile Removal Services.

tile installation

The Beauty of 48×48 Polished Porcelain Tiles

48×48 polished porcelain tiles offer a modern, clean aesthetic that surpasses smaller tiles like 12×12. With fewer grout lines, these large tiles create a seamless, elegant look that enhances the spaciousness and sophistication of any room. The polished finish adds a touch of luxury, reflecting light beautifully and making the floor easier to clean. Compared to traditional 12×12 tiles, 48×48 tiles provide a smoother, more continuous surface that is both visually appealing and practical.

Measuring Your Space for 48×48 Tile Installation

Accurate measurements are crucial for providing a precise estimate for 48×48 tile installation. Measure the square footage of the installation area to help budget for additional expenses like subfloor preparation or old flooring removal. Need assistance? We can arrange an on-site measurement appointment to ensure accuracy. Learn more about our Measurement Services.

Additional Costs for 48×48 Tile Installation

Besides the installation fee, consider the cost of extra materials like tile mortar, grout, and potential pick-up and delivery services. Consulting with us ensures a clear understanding of all costs involved and provides an accurate estimate for your project. Visit our Concrete Grinding Services for more information on related services.

Frequently Asked Questions About 48×48 Tile Installation

Does the installation fee include tiles? No, it does not include actual tiles.

Does the installation fee include materials? No, it does not include any materials.

Do you pick up materials? Yes, we can pick up your materials for an extra cost. Please select the Pick-Up Service and add it to your cart.

How much does tile mortar cost? A 50 lbs bag can cost between $20.00 and $40.00, covering 35-50 square feet depending on tile thickness and application.

How much does grout cost? Grout ranges from $17.00 to $49.00, depending on the brand.

What thin-set do you recommend? We recommend Mapei Ultraflex LHT SG.

What grout do you recommend? We recommend Mapei Color Plus FA.

What other costs are related to this service? Additional costs include flooring removal, floor prep, floor patch application, anti-fracture membrane application, shoe molding, and trash disposal fees.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at 512-504-7393. Check out our latest projects on our Project Gallery and follow us on Facebook for updates.


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